2017 Red Abalone, Merlot

2017 Red Abalone, Merlot

Discover the bold and inviting flavors of our 2017 Red Abalone, Merlot. Originating from Washington State's Columbia Valley, this Merlot features notes of black cherry, spiced plum, and dried fig, creating a rich and full-bodied experience. It pairs exceptionally well with roasted foods like pork shoulder, mushrooms, and braised short ribs, enhancing the flavors of your favorite dishes.

This Merlot's well-balanced profile makes it a versatile addition to any wine collection. Enjoy it with friends and family, or gift it to a fellow wine lover. Don’t miss out on this delightful and easy-to-drink Merlot. Add the 2017 Red Abalone to your cart today and experience a wine that develops beautifully on the palate.

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$44.00 751 mL

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